TGA Podcast: Episode 29

As promised, this week I review the book The Little Book of Atheist Spirituality, written by Andre Compte-Sponville (yeah, it’s hard to pronounce if you’re not French). After a dozen emails asking me to discuss it, we’ll also discuss the atheist bus banners making an appearance in England.

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    Just a note about the bus campaign. it wasn’t to cost 100,000 pounds, It was originally to cost 11,000 pounds (With Richard Dawkins pledging 5,500). What happened was that they got much much more than anticipated, meaning they have to re plan how they can use the money effectively.

    On the ‘probably’ issue. It seems to me that whilst ‘almost certainly’ and ‘almost definitely’ are more accurate, ‘probably’ sounds much more friendly and light hearted and thus more likely to inspire thought or dialogue, as opposed to the other two which are consistent with the popular image that believers have of atheists as being strident, arrogant and/or confrontational.

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    Aerick Duckhugger

    I have to agree with Jake here on the whole bathroom reading thing. I used to have a friend who’s dad kept reading material near the toilet and it creeped me the fuck out! I was like “What?! You’re fucking joking with me! He reads on the shitter?”.

    For me, taking a crap has always been a quick business affair. Unless I have some sort of horrible bowel problem going on, I’m usually in and out of the bathroom in less than 5 minutes and usually too absorbed in the business of what I’m doing to read a book.

    Jake is also totally right that if you’re in the bathroom turning pages between wipes (I seriously have a hard time believing that Ryan would be putting the book down before washing his hands again) then you’re likely to be getting some particles and traces of ass-matter on the book you’re holding (yick)!

    Really, there are so many other better places to relax and read rather than the toilet. What about a nice chair or couch in the living room… or what about laying propped up in bed… or sitting in a cafe… or in the park on a nice day. People who would get their relaxation and reading time in on a crap-can confuse the hell out of me! Seriously, yikes~!!

    Another asides, if a friend wanted to read one of my books in the bathtub I wouldn’t be down with that either. If your bathtub is like most people’s (rarely scrubbed and disinfected) bathtubs… that is little better than a toilet.

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