Holy shit…

Words alone cannot describe how fucking stupid this woman is. I’m angry enough that she would so poorly mask her racism in supposed concern over Obama’s religious beliefs, without compounding how little she understands her own ignorance.

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    Wow..I just puked in my mouth a little.

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    What a sick individual. Welcome to America, land of tolerance… well, except for Blacks, Atheists, Muslims and even Christians whose churches don’t follow the Bible exactly the same way this moron’s church does.

    This woman is simply terrified and, unfortunately, religion is where most terrified people in America rush.

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    While I completely understand the “hidden” racist agenda this woman has (!) I am actually more scared that it seems her one and only criteria for a good president is his/her faith.
    Call me silly and naive, but shouldn’t the president be someone who will actually do the job well – i.e. look after America and represent it for the world?
    I’m not American, by the way.

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    That woman is asking for a divorce….Oh wait, than the lord would smite her and her husband.

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    The video is no longer available… Does anyone know where else to view it? I want to see what this whack job has to say!!!

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