Gay author not welcome in N.B. school

There’s a stealthy new form of racism these days. It’s often so invisible that to the untrained eye, it goes completely unnoticed. This bigotry often mascarades¬†as politeness and false concern, and I believe we’ve been letting people get away with it for far too long.

Take for example,¬†the recent news story about Alex Sanchez, a gay author whose address to students at Charlotte County high school was canceled after objections from a few parents. These ‘concerned’ bigots were worried some of the students might not be ready for the kind of talk Sanchez was about to deliver.

Alex wrote a book in an attempt to help gay youth feel less isolated and alone, a tragic realty that can often lead to severe depression or even suicide among teens. Organizers say Sanchez is a wonderful speaker, and there is no indication any of his material is graphic, disturbing, or crude.

Of course, that didn’t stop some parents, who obviously have a problem with homosexuality, from creating enough of a shit storm to capsize his speaking plans. I have to wonder if anyone called these parents out on their obvious bigotry. Probably not. It seems so long as you mask your racism with false concerns (in this case, the worry that their kids might not be able to ‘handle’ hearing this guy), it’s apparently kosher.

Well, I’m not fucking cool with that. This school board has sent the wrong message to these kids. The bigoted opinions of a few ignorant parents should not have changed their original assessment that the issue had to be discussed in an intelligent manner. Not only have they been robbed of this, but these students have been shown it is by inaction racism is tolerated.

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    Wow– the site is different. I like it. The green on the edges is a little harsh though. Keep up the great work!

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    I’m incredibly disappointed every time the chance to have a discussion about sexuality (or any topic, really) with those who most misunderstand it is shot down.

    ‘Racism’ isn’t the right word though, it’s homophobia.

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    Wow, this happened right in my neck of the woods and surprisingly I never even heard about it on the news.

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