A waste of time

If you want to know how to waste your time, then how about trying to prove to a rich creationist that transitional fossils exist. Adnan Oktar is a wealthy writer who is the Turkish equivalent of Richard Dawkins (in light of the¬†country’s¬†failure to accept evolutionary theory, he’s as good as it gets). He’s supposedly put up a trillion lira up (that’s roughly 7 million dollars), daring anyone to provide evidence of a transitional fossil.

Oktar released a book entitled The Atlas of Creation, which is the kind of junk writing you’d expect from someone who’s convinced their Bronze Age book of magic must somehow be taken literally. In it, he argues that life has not evolved, and the Qur’an is the only truly scientific text on the origin of species. Yeah, sounds like a real page turner, no?

Although I’m not usually inclined to judge a book by its cover, this guy looks more like a Colombian Drug Lord than a respected scientist. This is the same douche who pushed to have Dawkin’s site banned in Turkey, since he inevitably felt your average adult would be unable to handle it.

You’re all welcome to try and point this jack hole in the direction of any serious scientific literature that’s come out on the subject in the past 60 years, but he’s convinced all the good stuff was done on the subject roughly 1400 years ago.

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    Reverend Clint

    What a douche… looks like Carlos the Jackal at age 75

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    What a fucking ass that man is. He is only looking for someone with any amount of intellectual integrity to debate with. It really is amazing how low people can get to earn a living.

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    Dont even bother trying. He is a closed minded religious nutjob.
    And all he has to do is deny-Deny-DENY that you proved anything TO HIM. But then again you know this as your 1st statement was about wasting time.

    I like your new site layout.

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