A slight correction

I received this letter from a fan of the podcast, who corrected me regarding a slight error we made on the last radio show:

“Hey guys,
I’ve been listening to the podcast for a while, and I’m thoroughly enjoying it!

I hope you guys don’t mind a respectful correction:  I’ve just listened to your latest podcast, and Bonobos are apes, not monkeys. They are in the same genus as chimpanzees, and are as closely related to us as chimps are.

Please excuse what probably comes off as nit-picking, I’m a biology student specializing in primate taxonomy and behavior, and the differences between apes and monkeys are kind of my thing.

And yeah, they scissor. (If you’re looking for more info on them, Frans de Waal has a few good books.)

Keep up the great work on the podcast!

Thanks for the kind word, Jason. I was totally speaking out of my ass when I said they scissor (for those of you with virgin ears, go look it up). Isn’t science great?

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