Extreme Christian runs on ‘Kill Gays’ platform

Who says Americans get to have all the political fun? At a federal election debate held at a Sudbury high school, independent candidate David Popescu shared some of his extreme religious views. From the Edmonton Sun:

Popescu introduced himself with a public prayer, blaming environmental damage and economic unrest on the wickedness of society. His comments were met with silence as some students grimaced and shifted in their seats.

Near the end of the more than two-hour event, students were invited to ask the candidates questions. As a long line of pupils waited to speak, Popescu told a young female student who asked about stem cell research that, “God would hurt” those who had an abortion.

The crowd jeered and many rose to their feet in protest after Popescu answered another teenager’s question on gay marriage.

During a telephone interview later in the day, Popescu reasserted his view. “A young man asked me what I think of homosexual marriages and I said I think homosexuals should be executed,” he said. “My whole reason for running is the Bible and the Bible couldn’t be more clear on that point.”

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    Uh, wow. Extreme much? And I thought our politics had all the problems.

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    Hey Y’all,

    Just browsing. Found this site. I hate all the garbage from churches and religious folk just as much as you do. But I believe in Jesus Christ with all my heart. Unfortunately, it’s not common knowledge that he fought against most of the things you and I have a problem with (the religious leaders of the day were the ones who had him crucified.)

    I’m interested in discussing this or anything related with anyone who’s interested. Email me!

    Is my mind already made up on the absolute truth of the gospel? Before I had faith in Christ, I spent all of my time and energy trying to discover the truth about life and that search brought me to my knees before the Lord. Not before or since that day have I heard an argument that even comes close to touching the devastating logic of what the gospel teaches. In light of the things I’ve learned and experienced, Ayn Rand reads like a desperate search for meaning and a sad cry for love.

    I realize there are some who simply don’t care what the purpose of life is. If that is true, I have no answer for you except why are you reading this?

    In Christ,


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    “I have no answer for you except why are you reading this?”

    Because you wrote it.

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    Jacob Fortin

    My First question has to be the most obvious one: How, exactly, is the gospel “devastating” in it’s logic? What makes it less logical then the Upanishads, or the writings of Confucius?

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    Good question. I chose devastating as and adjective for impact. I could have easily used brilliant, or impeccable, for example.

    I find what’s written in scripture far more (not less) logical than any other writings for several reasons (and by logical, I mean a truth that can be reached through reasoning).

    First, most of the known wisdom or philosophy in the world — if it’s more than simply an observation about what already exists — is appealing to mankind’s basic needs or wants in some way or another.

    Example: “Money is good.” People like to be comfortable. Money buys comfort. The doctrine is accepted. Or, “Money is bad.” People want to be ethical. Greed can lead to crime. The doctorine is accepted. Another one is “there is no God.” Believing this frees a person from accountability to anyone but themselves or those they choose to hold themselves accountable to.

    The gospel message appeals to no one. It is offensive to everyone. Nobody wants to hear that our very nature is evil and we are, by that nature, condemned to hell without God’s grace offered in his time, on his terms (through the atoning sacrifice his own Son, Jesus) without which there is no hope whatsoever.

    Everything in us rebels agaisnt it. We hate it. Yet, the gospel message doesn’t bend for anyone. It isn’t tailored for any one culture or way of thinking. It can’t be altered to sound better or more appealing without destroying the content. That’s why I call it devastatingly true.

    I hope I answered your question somewhat. Sorry for being overly wordy.


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    Isn’t there a commandment about “not killing”? But then aren’t there other parts of the bible that allow you to do just that? Oh yes, that’s right – you have to pick and choose which bits of the bible you believe in!!!!
    I’m always concerned when I read about these contradictions that it isn’t a contradiction at all. When the commandment states “Thou shalt not kill” it actually means “Thou shalt not kill those who follow this religion” or perhaps worse “Thou shalt not kill people” – meaning anyone not of the faith is not a person.
    The more I read about religion the more it seems to be about hate.

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