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Jake caused quite a stir with the concept of atheism as an organized religion (a much better article than my random link posts). Now an artist in San Francisco is converting a building into something of an atheist church as part of an exhibition for the Judah L Magnes Museum. From Boing Boing:

Instead of telling the story of baby Jesus, the Atheon’s stained glass windows will show cosmic microwave background radiation made from NASA satellite data. And since the interior of the building is still under construction, temple-goers will have to either pray from the sidewalk or in front of a glowing web site from their computers at home. Keats even made a song of worship; he collaborated with Virginia astronomer Mark Whittle to come up with a canon of sounds from three hypothetical universes called Why Is There Something Rather Than Nothing?

From the museum’s page:

The first project in the Windows series will be The Atheon: A Temple to Science, an installation by Jonathon Keats that calls forth the fusion of science and religion by building a temple for scientific worship, an Atheon. Look into the large vaulted windows of faux stained glass and see the universe as you listen to the accompanying sounds on your cell phone.

It’s funny that the idea of atheists getting together a la religion is so wacky it’s basically being portrayed as novelty art. I’ll take what I can get, though. Once this thing opens I’ll try and get some pictures and more details.

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    Chris Sanford

    How do we know the Bible is truly the Word of God?? There are over 25,000 archeological finds that verify the Bible, there has never been one, I repeat there has never been one archeological find that disproves the Bible!! That is a pretty good track record. Many secularist and other non-believers in the Bible will say that the N.T was not complete until the end of the 2nd, the beginning of the 3rd century A.D. This is another lie that the evolutionist and non believers conjure up to discredit what God has said. The fact is, if you go to the writings of the early church leaders (who wrote from 90 to 127 A.D.) you can from their quotes and their sermons compile the N.T. in its entirety!! So that says the N.T. was complete and was in good circulation before the end of the 1st century. Another indisputable proof t the validity of the Word of God.
    Yet the strongest argument for the authenticity of the Scriptures is the fact of fulfilled prophecy. This is truly the nail in the coffin when it comes to whether or not the Bible is truly the Word of God. Isaiah 46:9-10 says “I am God and there is no other, I am God and there is noone like Me, I declare the end from the beginning.” So God says He declares what is to come, the future. Do we see this in the Bible. Isaiah 45 names King Cyrus by name 200 years before he was even born. The Dead Sea Scrolls prove that Isaiah wrote that before and not after Cyrus came to power. Ezekiel 26 God says that the city of Tyre would never again be rebuilt and the only thing it would be used for is to dry fishing nets, the very purpose it is used today!! Psalm 22 is a Messianic Psalm, it mentions some of the last words Jesus spoke from the cross “My God My God why have Thou forsaken Me?” It says they divide My clothes and cast lots for them, this Psalm says dogs have surrounded Me (speaking of Gentiles), it says they have pierced My hands and My feet. This was written 1100 years before Christ came to this earth. It was written 800 years before crucifixion was even practiced and yet it says they have pierced My hands and My feet. Micah 5:2 says Christ would be born in Bethlehem, Zecheriah 12:10 says they will look on Me whom they have pierced. All written before Christ came into the earth.
    Jesus fulfilled hundreds of prophecies when He lived here on the earth. The mathematical odds for Jesus to fulfill 7, (keep in mind He fulfilled 100’s) would be the same odds as you someone covering the entire earth in 4×4 white tiles. Hiding a gold star under one of them, and you walking up on the very 1st try and finding that gold star. By the way, you are blindfolded!! This would absolutely be impossible, think about the mathematical odds of Jesus fulfilling all the prophecies that He did!! It would be impossible yet with God all things are possible. Matthew 19:26

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