Obama talks about our god: science

As ripe and low hanging a fruit as it would be to pick, I’m trying to stay away from a few topics on this blog: people killing over religion abroad, and ignorant politicians believing in ignorant things. These two topics are so overdone you can’t really look at a news site without reading about it, so I’ll leave it alone. Yes, I’m aware Sarah Palin is the atheist equivalent of the anti-christ (well not really, but she’s the new incoming threat so people are hyping her up). I don’t care … she’s no worse than any of the other choices would have been as far as mixing religion and politics go.

Personally, I’d rather promote it when politicians actually say SMART things about issues that matter to atheists, which is unfortunately the exception rather than the rule. So check this out: Barack Obama took the time to answer 14 very wide questions from the scientific community: on innovation, climate change, energy, education, national security, pandemics and biosecurity, genetics research, stem cells, ocean health, water shortages, space, scientific integrity, research, and health.

Here’s your chance to read up on the actual policies of a presidential nominee rather than the flappy headed bullcrap spouted by the mainstream and winger media. Trust me, if you need a pick-me-up after the past few days worth of political bullshit, this will make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

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