Atheist dating strategies

The Atheist Revolution has two posts on the topic of atheist dating that I just HAVE to post up (and don’t forget to read the comments, they’re just as interesting). Jake (the Good Atheist himself) is constantly struggling with some of the issues and questions brought up by these posts, like “How do you respect people who believe in such dumb things?” And no, I’m not saying believing in a god is necessarily dumb … this goes beyond religion and into other areas atheists often have problems with: horoscopes, reiki, homeopathy, The Secret, etc.

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    My fiance and I have separate beliefs, albeit they are only small differences. I am an irreligious freethinker with some aspect of deism, and he is an outright atheist. I guess we both get along so well because our beliefs are so malleable that instead of being stuck in the ways and rules if a set doctrine written too long ago to be verifiable, we can just have deep discussions, use the word ‘if’ a lot (and not insult each other by doing so) and actually agree with each other a majority of the time.

    Basically what I’m saying is that we are both equally intelligent enough to have doubt. Anyone who isn’t is just not worth the time. lol

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