Science fiction and Intelligent Design

They’re kinda the same thing, if you think about it. So it’s fitting that several sci-fi writers are beginning to tell tales of universes where there really is a Creator.

A new crop of science fiction novels focus on what it would mean if Intelligent Design turned out to be the truth. Jay Lake’s Escapement is a perfect example, as is Walter Jon Williams’ Implied Spaces,┬áboth are novels about people in clockwork worlds designed by some kind of higher power associated with spiritual realms. Other recent tales, such as Charles Stross’ Saturn’s Children and Iain M. Banks’ Matter, flirt with the idea of an Intelligent Designer by suggesting that under some circumstances it is the most logical explanation for reality: For instance, if you are a creature who lives in a synthetic world (or body) designed by sophisticated engineers, your existence has been literally created for you rather than randomly evolved. Are these scifi authors carving out a pro-science version of Intelligent Design theory?

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