TGA Podcast: Episode 23

It seems as of late that atheist news has been experiencing a bit of a lull. It’s been a little tough sniffing out the really funny and interesting from the banal, but this week, we forced ourselves a bit and went all out to bring you 40 minutes of quality programming. This week, we cover UFOs, and those magical little crackers of hope, the delectable Eucharists.

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    Come on guys, Anheuser-Busch got bought out by InBev which is a Belgian company, not German. Ironically, InBev is a global brewing conglomerate that owns many brands you are familiar with, including the Brazilian lager Brahma.

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    Reverend Clint

    That Astronaut Ed is kind of a nut.

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    The U.S. president that saw a UFO was Jimmy Carter. In fact he does not believe that the object he saw was an extraterrestrial spacecraft. He thinks it was some other object, such as a star, planet, or a terrestrial aircraft. The widely spread factoid that he saw a flying saucer is just spread around by UFO conspiracists looking for ways to give their claims more credence. The SGU (another great podcast) did and interview with him discussing this. Here is a link to the episode:

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    Hey listening to your podcast made me rememeber there was once a philosopher (i think Bertrand Russell) who appearantly used to get a ton of letters about alien life forms contacting people, so to verify their claims he asked the senders about the aliens, they would tell him every sort of detail about the way they looked, lived, etc. Eventually the man got fed up with the letters and replied to every one asking for a brief proof of Fermat’s Last Theorem to verify their claim of alien life and never received a single reply.

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    The discussion about P.Z. Myers might have been oversimplified. Okay, yes, maybe he is technically an asshole for the desecration of a wafer, but I don’t think it was done simply out of a desire to be an asshole. Before he even put the nail in the Eucharist, just the act of threatening to do so got him an enormous amount of hatemail, quite a bit of which was abusive and threatening (and not just to him, but his family as well). Additionally, you can just peruse the massive comments sections of the relevant threads on Pharyngula to see just how many Catholics demanded that he go and desecrate a copy of the Koran.

    What I’m trying to say is that for a religion that claims to be about peace and love and living up to the lessons of Christ, it really didn’t take much to cause them to flip right the fuck out. And honestly, for all they know, that Eucharist was never consecrated in the first place.

    “Materialist” is a word that gets thrown at the non-religious quite a bit, but I can’t really think of any physical item in this world that if someone threatened to disrespect it I would feel the need to start e-mailing death threats.

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    This most recent podcast of yours is actually the first one I’ve ever listened to. I picked you guys, at random, from a list on iTunes… and I’ve gotta say, I’m amused. I’m hooked. I enjoy the banter back and forth. I particularly liked the part about the mathematical hoops and barrel rolls we’d have to go through just to have intelligent life alive at the same time we are…. so after smiling my way through THAT podcast, I listened to your last one about the mysterious word in the gristle. Good stuff.

    I do indeed have a message for whichever one of you lost the watch: he WILL throw it in your face until you get him a new one, so either give him the $50, or buy him the equivalent in beer. What do ya think?

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    Come on guys, keep the podcasts coming, they’re great

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