More on penis thieves

We talked about those penis thief sorcerers on an earlier radio show (Jake doesn’t label stuff properly so I couldn’t tell you which one off-hand). Now here’s a really in-depth article from Harper’s on the subject so you can understand what the dilly is with that whole situation:

According to Ilechukwu, an epidemic of penis theft swept Nigeria between 1975 and 1977. Then there seemed to be a lull until 1990, when the stealing resurged. Men could be seen in the streets of Lagos holding on to their genitalia either openly or discreetly with their hand in their pockets, Ilechukwu wrote. Women were also seen holding on to their breasts directly or discreetly, by crossing the hands across the chest. . . . Vigilance and anticipatory aggression were thought to be good prophylaxes. This led to further breakdown of law and order. In a typical incident, someone would suddenly yell: Thief! My genitals are gone! Then a culprit would be identified, apprehended, and, often, killed.

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