Town split over teacher who burned crosses into students’ arms


Demonstrations on the town square show how divided people are over the school board’s decision to fire a science teacher accused of preaching his Christian beliefs in the classroom and burning crosses on students’ arms.

John Freshwater, 52, was fired last month after an outside consulting firm released a report concluding that he taught creationism and was insubordinate in failing to remove a Bible and other religious materials from his classroom at Mount Vernon Middle School.

Some residents consider him a courageous fighter for religious freedom. Others say he has brazenly violated the church-state divide.

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    Misguided person does something stupid. Story at 11.

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    so if he just burned smiley faces or stars or just burned their arms in general would they be so divided?

    I mean, that’s pretty physical violence there. Teachers get fired for even touching their students inappropriately, I think touching them with fire is considered inappropriate.

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