TGA Podcast: Episode 22

You demanded it, so we delivered. This week, we review the movie Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed. Well, if you can call this steaming pile of lies a movie… Anyway, this week, my co-host Ryan Harkness and myself try to explain what is broken about this documentary, as well as make some promises that are hard to keep!

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    Any chance of Ryan hosting a show again?

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    Kyle (from alaska)

    It’s not a Sweater Vest, or a Smoking Jacket it’s called a Tweed Jacket dumb fucks!

    Love the show.

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    At what point did Ben Stein stop being a washed up game show host to become an expert on science and religion?
    I know how to turn on a calculator, but that does not make me a mathimatician, much less an expert on choas theory.
    And, I half-assed believed you when you said you were taping another podcast on the Sunday following this podcast.

    Lying lips are an abomination to the Gods and I pray Kali does not appear unto you and smack you with the severed head she carries around.

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