TGA Podcast: Episode 18

As promised, The Good Atheist podcast is back. Yes, just when you thought we were decaying in a gutter, we return from the sewers to bring you a new show. No longer will we make you wait a full month for your fix. This is getting weekly here, people!

This week, we talk about the Pope’s visit in America, secular ministers, and my special rant on Nay-Sayers. It’s 21 minutes of goodness coming at you!

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    clint notestine

    There are some really good Atheist songs out there like “Burn in Hell” or “God is Dead” by Clawfinger

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    Not sure with those Clint, don’t know if they would qualify, the titles at least seem to eliminate them as authentically “atheist”….”Hell” is a religious idea…..”God is Dead” implies he was alive once…. The only true atheist song that I can think of is…..”This land is your land” by Woody Guthrie.

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    I guess the biggest atheist band I know of is Bad Religion….

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    I can imagine that calling people “naysayers” might be a bit uncomfortable. How about, “dissenters?’ You know, dissenters, who all live in their parents’ basements and play videogames all day. That really blew that argument out of the water. Maybe there’s a better argument on both sides, but it didn’t really come out today.

    But ranting is good, and you should do more of it.

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    clint notestine

    Accomando if you read the lyrics it all makes sense.

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    Matthew Polly

    I have a “friend” who is an Irish-Catholic from Kansas who lives in New York City. He is a progressive and a liberal who recently visited some sarcastic heathens in Montreal recently. He told me that despite what he might have said while slightly drunk and slightly defensive about America’s internal politics, he is very pro-immigrant. Given his aforementioned ancestry, he is all for hard-working, family-oriented, Catholic immigrants. It’s the atheists from Britain he wants to kick out. Specifically, Christopher Hitchens. Religion is stupid; the Iraq War is good, blah, blah, blah… Can you help my friend, Jake?

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    Jacob Fortin

    hmmmm..If your friend wants to get rid of hitchens, why doesn’t he try luring him away with booze?

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    Nick Hochstetler

    Although I’ve never listened to him myself, I heard about Greydon Square on this other podcast I listen to (The Skeptic’s Guide to the Universe). Apparently he’s this rapper that raps about atheist topics such as Pascal’s Wager. The Skeptic’s Guide did this interview with him on an episode a long way back.

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    “I guess the biggest atheist band I know of is Bad Religion.”

    Frontman Greg Gaffin’s views on religion and life in general are pretty well summed up in Is Belief In God Good, Bad Or Irrelevant? If anyone’s interested in reading correspondence between two intelligent, rational individuals from opposite ends of the belief spectrum, I’d highly recommend it.

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    Dan Jackson

    Does no one remember Motorhead? :

    sample lyric –
    “You don’t need no golden cross to tell you wrong from right-
    the worlds worst murders, were those who saw the light
    Eye for eye, tooth for tooth, you all know what I mean.
    What’s the use of cryin’ for help if no one hears you scream.”

    Other Motorhead Songs:
    “Don’t Need Religion” – (Iron Fist album)
    “God was Never on Your Side” – (Kiss of Death album)
    “No Voices In the Sky” – 1916 album
    “Bad Religion” (song not band) – (March or Die album )
    “I Don’t Believe a Word “(Overnight Sensation album)
    and sort of atheistic
    “Don’t waste your time”

    Also, check out any Slayer album for some good atheistic tunes.

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    I guess I don’t know enough about tax law; what exactly does a religious group not have to pay taxes on? Is a minister’s salary untaxable? The land a church is built on, or what? How is a religious group treated differently from a non-profit, non-religious organization?

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    Aerick Duckhugger

    From what I know, Marylin Manson is Satanist (which is what I considered myself for a short while before finally arriving at atheism). In many ways Satanism is kinda’ like atheism in it’s disbelief of God.

    It’s kinda’ like Atheism with rituals, fake ceremonial magic, and things, then again… there are a lot of aspects of Satanism that I started to grow tired of. The whole Ayn Rand style ideas of “strong rising above the weak” kinda’ got to me after awhile… especially since I consider myself somewhat socialist at times (in regards to health care and other social services of society).

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