Now, it’s a Canadian problem

Canada is a liberal country for the most part. It’s values are best described as ‘socialist’ in many respects, although there is always great emphasis on the rights and freedoms of the individual. Canada also makes significant contributions to the arts, giving tax credits for artistic endeavors so they may remain independant of major film studios (what I can only describe as the ‘Hollywood’ treatment). However, there has been a disturbing trend as of late. The conservative government, which has strong ties to powerful fundamentalist religious organizations, has begun to rescind this credit for art it deems as offensive, denigrating, of having no ‘educational value’. The broad generalization of this new law is specifically targeted at any art that contains elements of homosexuality, violence, and sex.

Charles McVety, president of the Canada Family Action Coalition (if you want to know just how religious an organization is, look for the liberal peppering of the word ‘family’ in its name) is claiming that his lobbying actions were at the heart of the new move. McVety is cut from the same cloth as his American counterparts; he believes his narrow world views represent the greatest good a society can hope to achieve, while the ethical and moral progress made outside of his limited religious frame only express the evils and wickedness of a perverse and sick world. His blatant disregard for the tradition of tolerance and liberalism in this great country sets a dangerous precedence, and it is another example of why the current conservative government is a poor choice to represent the needs and values of this land.

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    i wonder how anyone that is religious can argue morality and family values when in my opinion the bible has enough of everything they are trying to censor between the covers and more. They supposedly teach all this to their kids too. the nerve

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    Thank you for posting this. The implications of this censorship…It makes me so angry I’m near incoherent.

    If you don’t like it, and it’s not hurting anyone, DON”T WATCH IT. As for kids getting their hands on adult content, that’s why they have parents. Is so simple that they just don’t understand.

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    Hey Jacob, like the new website. Very clean.

    I actually agree with you on this one (you’re as surprised as me 🙂 ). I think too often christians try to live with their head in the sand and really loose their chance to interact with society. While there should be some boundaries (pornography != art), I think a christian should be able to appreciate an atheistic artwork and vice versa, regardless of whether or not they agree with the moral implications of what the artwork is standing for. Good post.

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    Too bad the conservative budget passed I was hoping for a fall/winter election.

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    Rohit Sidhu

    Damn, sucks for us Canadians.
    Wait, actually I can’t even think of any Canadian programming. Just goes to show how Americanized our media is.

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