Changes are afoot

If you’re an old hand at the site, you’ll notice things are a little different. The design of the site has been tweaked a little, but beyond just this cosmetic alteration comes my fervent desire to get back to the business of writing. Too long have I neglected the site, happy to coast by on my popular podcast. No more! From now on, I will use this site as an opportunity to flex my creative muscles a bit, and stand on my little soapbox. It should be lots of fun.

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    Swedish guy

    Hey, looking good! I can’t really grasp the symbolic value of the pine tree or whatever it is at the top right though… what’s up with it?

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    Jacob Fortin

    Haven’t had time to add my own graphics yet

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    david mcsween

    I guess that indicates that you are a thorn in the side of magical beliefs! Or a prick, whatever they want to believe 😉

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