Those tricky rapture guys…

There comes a time when you have to wonder what underhanded tactics people are capable of in order to get you to believe that they believe. This video is an example. Once you’ve watched the video, pay careful attention to just how poorly the main character is treated by his fellow peers. It’s downright baffling. If that wasn’t enough, the con his co-workers orchestrate is definitely something I would not be too keen to experience.

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    Jamie G.

    WTF, a million times over!!!

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    Well, the rapture does make for good, if cliche, scifi/fantasy, but a rapture prank doesn’t foster good interoffice relations. Can we say ‘harassment suit’?

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    So what are they trying to prove? That the human brain can be tricked into believing crap? No need for that, they’re walking proof themselves.

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    Erin Delee

    you might be interested in this parody of the Fundamentalist “Left Behind” books

    it’s a book called:

    Raptured: The final Daze of the Late, Great Planet Earth.

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    Nowhere do they bother to mention that only 144,000 people get raptured. Do you really think that we would notice if only 144,000 people disappeared? I think some of those people are dead, too.

    At least their production quality was good.

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    I was a minister for several years, a devoted believer.

    The rapture is a relatively new theology of end times, before that and even now most christian theologians hold to preterism.

    It is very sad at the deapths of deception christians will go to proseltize, but even worse is the arrogence in which they do it.

    Most not even knowing the first factual thing about their own religon.

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    Wow. So what was the christian point here anyway?

    “Oh, so you won’t believe what I believe without evidence, eh? OK, we’ll fake some evidence so that you temporarily are fooled into thinking the rapture happened. That certainly adds credence to our case. And we don’t even come across as being a-holes while doing it either. Ha!”

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