The Good Atheist 011

It’s been a bit of a hiatus for us recently. After taking an exciting trip to Cincinnati, we’re back, and we are featuring a new guest host, Jeffrey Jones. Jeff is a longtime fan of the show, and he wanted to come on to tell us a little bit about his own experiences with religion, as well as talk about Hell Houses. This was supposed to be a Halloween special, but due to technical issues, we’re presenting it now. Sorry for the delay folks!

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    I heard the opening song…Not Okay To Be Gay….and i started laughing hysterically because i have actually seen this guy live. I never thought I would ever hear about this guy again.

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    In a nutshell: Best Podcast EVER

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    Dawid Strauss

    Jeff is a great guest host, hopefully he’ll become more of a regular on the show. Great show guys.

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    My brain kept supplying the ‘correct’ lyrics to ‘Big Bibles’, mixed in with the changed ones. I may never recover.

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    Swedish guy

    Yep, Jeff definitely was a good guest host. Would it be impossible with your audio setup to be all three at the same time? That’d make for an even deeper, more substantial show. If that’s at all possible.
    Great show, kick the length up a notch so I have something to listen to while I do ALL of this weekend’s dishes, not just while I dig through the mountain of filthy wine glasses and beer cans — leaving the lasagna plates and cigarette butts spread all over the apartment not as fun to wash up because of the lack of entertaining audio support from you guys. I rely on you to keep this place clean.

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    Joe Botelho

    Atheism for the average joe. That would be the best way to describe your show.
    I am nowhere near as smart as Richard Dawkins so when i read and hear him talk my mind kind of hurts. You guys are the average atheist talking like a average guy.
    I also love the Smart/dumb guy partnership. Jeff alright but the other guy is way funnier.

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    Now that’s what I call a backhanded compliment 🙂

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    I stumbled upon this link earlier today, and I thought it kind of resembled the atlantis thing in podcast 6, just wanted to know you thoughts on it, (next podcast topic???)

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    Jeff rules! Although he makes baby Jesus cry….

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    I love the show. I;ma new-ish listener, but have listened to most of the episodes and must say i love them. Particularly the one (ep 10 i think) about the ‘research’ into being gay. Oh my god, but he has the magazines. hilarious! ALl episodes are great though.

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    I don’t think so. You have to revise your looks. In general your blog is good, but sometimes your posts are creepy.

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    wanna hear this unfortunately it is only downloading a 15kb file like some of the other missing podcast… help meeeeeee

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    Tom T

    Is it just me or is anyone else getting page not found errors for the first eleven podcasts?

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