The Good Atheist 010

It’s a celebration! The Good Atheist podcast keeps on growing, and this week, to celebrate our 10,000th listener, my co-host Ryan Harkness and I decided to have a little fun by talking about some of the lighter side of news. Muslim doctors who refuse to treat female patients, Vatican priests getting caught making sexual advances at young men, and our favorite, an Alabama minister caught in a scandal you won’t believe.

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    Speaking as a former resident of London now exiled to Minnesota; I’m going to take issue with you about the London bombings. There were four bombs on the public transport system. One took place in the financial district known ‘The City’ and the other three in thearea called the West End. These were not bombings in specifically Muslim areas of the London and its suburbs. This is not the first time that you’ve made these claims. Trouble is if you make simple errors it means your critics can jump all over the rest of your valid points. This is just a gentle reminder from a fellow Bright.

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    You guys nearly made me choke! ‘banana hammock’! Thank you for posting your podcasts! It’s good to find anything about atheism that is entertaining and easy to understand.

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    luke burrage

    Hi guys,

    Would it be possible to make an RSS feed so this podcast gets downloaded automagically? I’ve looked all over and can’t find a link to it anywhere. And technically it’s not a podcast if you can’t download it via a feed.

    Sedond thing, when you name the files, could you call them something like “The Good Athiest Episode 10.mp3” rather than just “Episode 10” as this makes it easier for everyone to keep track.

    Finally, when I tried to post this comment, the field lables were white text on a white background. Not too helpful!

    Thanks for the podcasts, I’ve really enjoyed them so far.


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    Swedish guy

    Since being a Low Blow fan quite a while, I just tried ep. 9 and 10 of this the bit more factual and mature podcast, and I liked it a lot! Will continue to listen. Keep it up guys.

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    Chris W

    Great show! Keep up the good work, sirs.

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