The Good Atheist 010

It's a celebration! The Good Atheist podcast keeps on growing, and this week, to celebrate our 10,000th listener, my co-host Ryan Harkness and I decided to have a little fun by talking about some of the lighter side of news. Muslim doctors who refuse to treat female patients, Vatican priests getting caught making sexual advances at young men, and our favorite, an Alabama minister caught in a scandal you won ...

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Anti-Muslim flyer offends everyone…(almost)

REVISION: I'd like to start off by saying I was entirely wrong about the intent of this flyer when I originally wrote this article. I first thought this (a flyer which appeared in George Washington University) was just another example of anti-Muslim propaganda, and failed to notice its over the top nature screamed satire. The problem, I have now come to realize, is such a flyer is entirely within the realm ...

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The Good Atheist 009

I'm not always in the habit of keeping my promises when it comes to radio shows, but this week, I did. This podcast, my host Ryan and I will be talking about Scientology. What is it all about? Does it have anything to do with science, or is it a cult? Why are they so litigious? All of these answers, and much more, in Episode 9! ...

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