The Good Atheist 007

Just how did Derren Brown manage to convert all of those atheists with simply a touch? If you were a gambler, and you had to place your bets on either the existence of God, or on his non-existence, which would be the better bet? This week, we try to answer these fascinating questions, as well as comment on the state of music these days!

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    Great show! Is it possible to subscribe to the Podcast in iTunes?

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    That’s how I found it 🙂 You can do a search for the podcast once you’re inside the itunes store.. the search box is on the top right hand corner

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    Just started listening to your podcast. You dissed Blaise Pascal unnecessarily. He was born in 1623. Until 1654, he made very significant contributions in mathematics, philosophy and fluid dynamics. In 1654, he went off the deep end, became deeply religious and died eight years later at age 39. Rather than talking about Pascal’s wager, use him as an example of what religion and/or mental illness can do to a productive life.

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