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A few weeks ago, I wrote an article about a woman who cut down a tree and discovered the supposed face of the Virgin Mary. Having just destroyed what was obviously a water damaged overgrowth (which explained the dark stains in the wood), I commented it looked rather like one of the helmets for the Lord of the Rings franchise. If I chased every religious icon story, this site would be overrun by one ridiculous story after another, which is obviously something I want to avoid.

However, one story seemed too delicious to ignore, and so I thought I’d share it with all of you. It’s regarding a chocolate shop owner, who celebrated the one year anniversary of the discovery of what is perhaps the saddest piece of chocolate I’ve ever seen; the Choco-Mary. Ok, that’s my name for it, but what am I supposed to call a giant glob of chocolate dipping which should otherwise have been thrown into the dumpster? Instead, the highly religious workforce sought to place the dripping in a sealed glass container, and allow droves of tourists to witness the delicious ‘miracle’.

I won’t even tell you what it looks like; in any case it doesn’t matter. Had the dripping occurred in India, it probably would have been revered as being Vishnu. The point is that people see what they want to see. The employee who discovered the fatty treasure disclosed that she had been going through a crisis of faith. Obviously, this crisis was so serious it took a misshapen bit of dripping to overcome. What a miracle.

Is there a day when humans will stop seeing the Virgin Mary in a cheese sandwich? I’ll admit, the ability for humans to see, and to seek out patterns in nature is perhaps the biggest reason why we are artistic and creative. But we must come to understand these symbols we create only have power and meaning so long as we GIVE them these properties; and we should be careful indeed over what powers we allocate to inanimate objects. Why are we so willing to put our faith in a piece of chocolate, when the rest of the world needs our attention and love?

source: cbsnews (come on guys, is there really nothing going on today?)

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    I think it shows the natural tendency for people to want to worship, as God intended us to do. But people are unwilling to worship Him, so they look for other ‘idols’, just like Aaron and the golden calf in exodus.

    From a biblical standpoint, at least 😉

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    I’ve always wondered why EVERYONE doesn’t balk at these idiots claiming to “recognize” the face of Jesus or Mary despite the fact that NOBODY KNOWS what either of them looked like.

    Me: “How do you know it’s The Virgin Mary and not just some girl from Chicago?”

    Them: “It looks like the picture in church.”

    Me: “Which one?”

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    Ok so i don’t see it and the face definitely does not jump out at me. Well, I bet this has really boosted sales of chocolate from this “chosen” place. If it had been touted as “nothing” and therefore proof that God does not exist, I am not so sure they would have had as much public interest!

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