Coming out godless

One of my readers pointed me to an interesting project she started, called Coming out Godless. Her challenge is for individuals to talk about how they themselves began to understand that their belief of God was simply false. I visited it recently, and must admit I find the idea fascinating. I highly encourage people to go to her site and submit any story you find funny, tragic, or even educational.

Personally, I tried to write something, but was struck by just how long I’ve been an atheist. They say certain individuals have absolutely no faith whatsoever. I am such a person. Although I went to a Catholic pre-school, their religious classes had absolutely no effect on me, nor did any witnessing individual seem anything more to me than a poor deluded sucker. Of course, this is the same kid who quickly rejected the idea of Santa; I soon learned the inequities of the bearded fat one, having grown up in a very poor family.

Hopefully, some of you will have something more interesting to contribute than I!

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