Staring at the Sun heals (apparently)

Hira Ratan Manek (or HRM as he’s known) believes staring at the sun heals

When navigating around the endless New Age nonsense out there, inevitably you’ll run across a gamut of different emotions, ranging from surprise to utter shock at the gullibility and stupidity of the human race. Just when you think you’ve seen it all, a new group of doe eyed true believers come out of the woodwork. This time, it’s a goof troop in Atlanta who believes staring directly at the Sun, 5-45 minutes a day, is making them lose weight and feel great. I admit it; I’ve been tempted sometimes to look at that giant ball of gas millions of miles away; after all, it’s the reason there’s life here on Earth. Who isn’t curious to see what it really looks like? Luckily, we can in complete comfort using special telescopes (yeah science!) Of course, we were always told that staring directly at the Sun without special equipment was about as smart an idea as shoving a fork in an electrical socket; but, than again, not everyone takes good advice. These sun-gazers believe that the life-giving properties of our favorite star revitalizes them, by infusing them with vital energies.

If you’re looking for some scientific proof to these crackpot claims, don’t waste your time. It’s the same tactic every New-Ager uses: say the word energy, and life force, and people will buy anything you say (as well as your crummy high-priced merchandise). Who needs science anyways, when your guru is a retired Indian spice trader who has rabbit like sideburns? His ideas are so beyond science, it takes a spin doctor to understand what the hell he’s saying.

We have a super computer in our bodies given to us by the nature, which is our brain. HRM (Hira Ratan Manek) calls it the brainutor. The brain is more powerful than the most advanced super computer. Each and every human being is gifted with innumerable talents, and infinite inherent powers by nature. Individuals should never underestimate themselves. Everyone is gifted. If we make use of these powers we can take ourselves to great levels. Unfortunately, these infinite inherent powers are programmed in that part of the brain that is largely dormant and goes unused. Even medical science agrees we hardly make use of the brain but about 5-7% the most brilliant of humans like Albert Einstein is reported to have used only about 32% of their brains.

Where does HRM get his facts? Presumably from the wisdom of Mother Earth! But wait, there’s more nonsense! He goes on to say:

Sun energy is the source that powers the brain, which can enter and leave the human body or the brain only through one organ that is the human eye. Eyes are the Sun Energy’s entry door to the human brain. Present day teachings and ideas such as don’t look at the sunlight at all –you will damage your eyesight; never go out in the sun as you will get cancer, are causing needless hysteria and paranoia. The more you are away from the nature, the more there is a cause for illness and you will automatically support global corporations.

Well, just in case you thought that perhaps Mr. Manek might not know what the hell he’s talking about, bask in his unique understanding of our solar system, as HRM informs us that the Sun is the biggest planet in our planetary system. Wow, and here I stupidly thought it was a star!

The rest of us who possess a little common sense can laugh at the ridiculous claims of people like Manek, who is just another type of Breatherian (those who essentially believe they can survive on only sunlight and water). So long as people are desperate to believe anything a bearded weirdo is willing to tell them, we can expect the continued survival of similarly sad and deluded individuals.

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    If “eyes are the Sun Energy’s entry door to the human brain,” then why don’t blind people or people without eyes go braindead and die?

    Never mind, I say let these people fry their eyeballs out of their heads staring at the “Planet Sun.” Call it natural selection at work.

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    Reading the “Biggest planet” quote immediately led my mind to this:

    Around 1:10. 🙂

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    Glad to see some common sense out there...

    I’m glad to see someone trying to remind people to use their common sense and not trust the opinion of every organized bunch of nuts. I include so called “experts” in that group of nuts as well. Now if we can only get everyone together to take back this country from the nuts running it, we can save this country.

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    hmm money idea ill go ther and sell them special binoculars too look at the sun with after they go blind they’ll learn …
    “ven medical science agrees we hardly make use of the brain but about 5-7% the most brilliant of humans like Albert Einstein is reported to have used only about 32% of their brains.
    lol that is so incorrect its funny its utter lies that we only use 5% – 10% of our brain we use the whole brain scientists proved this by seeing how parts of the brain light up and they’ve seen every part light up, how else are we capable of such complicated tasks with out the full use of our brain
    some new age freak trying to make money definetly

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    Whoever wrote this piece should be shot. Why write an article that hassles another persons belief? Does it make you feel secure that there are less educated people out there than you? Your a Moron you should respect other peoples beliefs.

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    ‘lol that is so incorrect its funny its utter lies that we only use 5% – 10% of our brain we use the whole brain scientists proved this by seeing how parts of the brain light up and they’ve seen every part light up, how else are we capable of such complicated tasks with out the full use of our brain
    some new age freak trying to make money definetly’

    Yes, we can use every part of it, but we only use 5 – 7% of it at any one time.

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    jarek.. although yeah the lookin at the sun thing is utter shit.. its actually true that we only use 5-10% of our brains.

    sorry.. but you’re “so incorrect its funny”

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    Jacob Fortin

    Actually jack, the whole 10% of our brain thing is indeed false. It was merely invented by a journalist, who wanted to have an interesting story to say. If you want proof that it’s complete bunk, go here: Check your facts before you call someone on it next time.

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    Robb Barrows

    “and you will automatically support global corporations

    I think that is my favorite part. I was always sure “the man” manipulates the media to get us to buy their sunblock and sunglasses. If this isn’t proof that we need to put more money in our educational system I don’t know what is.

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    Yeah you are right about people being too eager to jump on the bandwagon, but your article really takes things out of context and simply starts an “anti” bandwagon. There’s skepticism and cynicism. I’m not saying a person can live off of sun rays, but I know that sunlight on the skin promotes the production of vitamin A and melatonic in the body. There may be some benefit to direct sunlight at dawn or dusk – How many romantic paintings have you seen of them – and why?

    Sure the claims of weight loss are probably bunk, but I wouldn’t discount the value of sunlight to rejuvenate. He does specify what times of day to do it to protect the eyes and I’m sure anyone here can attest to the fact that artificial light can be weakening. Anyone ever felt dragged down after sitting under fluorescents in an office all day?

    I would rather worship the sun which has some logical connection to our survival on earth than some mythical anthropomorphic projection that mainstream religion would have us do. I will of course stop short of sacrificing my first born etc. etc..

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    The language written on his web site isn’t particularly well composed, and I would think obviously intended to be somewhat allegorical or metaphorical.

    There are some notions similar to shamanistic projection and his fasting claims are a tenet of Jainism, not sun worship per se. If he fasted for 411 days on just juices, then this isn’t impossible. And of course, you would lose weight, sunlight or no. Most people will never do this anyway, but I still have to admit that there is value to proper daylight over artificial lighting.

    To stare directly into the sun is definitely a bold choice, but I remember many times watching a colourful sunset low over the horizon for long periods of time as professed by our spice trader friend, many times when I was a child and young adult and it always inspired me. I think a part of me has diminished in spirit since I stopped appreciating the sunset in this fashion.

    Now I’m not going to jump off and start preaching the sun will regenerate organs or any other such magical feat, but I think I am going to try watching the sunset a little more often, just for the inspiration. Is there any quackery in that?

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    Jacob Fortin

    Actually, I think you mean vitamin D. “A” is a type of acid, while “D” is a prohormone (the precursor to a hormone). As for potentially being cynic, I never denied the benefits of being in the sun. There are plenty of studies that suggest low exposure can often lead to depression, and also bone deformation. On the other hand, my problem is with STARING at it. There is not only zero evidence that it works, there is plenty of evidence suggesting it may cause serious harm.

    This is from the same clown who claims that he never eats, and lives off the sun’s rays. Such a person deserves more than healthy skepticism. He does us all a disservice by spreading his false theories around as fact.

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    Staring at the sun will damage your eyes. The damage can be permanent.

    Anyone who deceives people so that they hurt themselves should be treated even more harshly than someone who hurts people directly.

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    Sounds like your opinion, exclusively. Have you looked into these allegations? The due isn;t blind (yet) and maybe if you can tell me that his claims of having fasted for over one year while under medical supervision (130 days while under American medical suprevision), than maybe your words would mean more than some diatribe meant to get a snicker from yourself. As far as this sun gazer dude is concerned, I don;t know. But I don’t know enough to call it bullshit wither.

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    justin otherguy

    rdmiller3, the sun “may” cause damage, not WILL cause damage. I have looked at the sun many times, for much more than a few seconds and have not done any damage, in fact, my eyesight is good enough to see that many of you need a dictionary, because you can’t spell correctly if your lives depended on it. Examples: with out/without, definetly/definitely, than/then, your/you’re…it’s never ending!!!!!!!!Cheers to all those encouraging comments, instead of all those out to punch holes in everything they see(I bet the latter are all very lonely)

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