CNN attempts to debate atheism

I saw this video, and was unaware of CNN’s attempt to discuss whether or not atheists were being discriminated against. Nevermind the fact that as a news organization; they are far more interested in making money from advertisers than in displaying any journalistic muscle, this so called ‘panel’ was populated entirely by individuals who were themselves believers. You might as well have a panel of southerners talking about whether black people are being discriminated against. What fair assessment they would provide!

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    Man, after a long day of trying to shave a dog’s eyebrows, nothing beats cruising through a good blog about hypocrites. Did they ever read any of that stuff about Jesus? About we’re all equally weak and sinful? Kinda the whole reason he came here was to teach us that its wrong to judge and hate each other for the weaknesses we all share?

    Are they blind? Why can’t that little jew show us some good ole Christian Love???

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