The Good Atheist 003

Heaven is on everyone’s mind these days! Can’t say I blame people. It’s a bit of a confusing idea, so my trusty sidekick Ryan and I have a little thought experiment concerning the after life of Christians. Also this week, we talk in depth about creationist movies and ‘documentaries’, and their impact on modern society.

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    Guys, I basically share your worldview and like your show Tam a subscriber now) but you may have missed your target once or twice.

    The Bible actually does start out with the universe not with light, but “formless and void.”. Not a major point but one known to most evangelicals.

    The Gnostic Gospels are not under lock and key any more than any other fragile artifact from antiquity would be. Many of the extant fragments were discovered at Nag Hammadi by a screwball shepherd with this staff. That library of documents is extremely fragile, so no, they don’t want your kid brother pawing at it.

    Translations of the Nag Hammadi Library of Coptic, gnostic materials are available at My old professor Elaine Pagels at Princeton has written extensively on this topic.

    Best to all

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    Skyler Chapin

    First of all guys love the show, your views on where Atheism as a movement should go are dead on in my mind. Quite frankly though, you guys came off as being as ignorant about large swaths of history as a 9th grader. The French Revolution was 1789, not to be nit picky but that’s one of the defining years in Western History (1066, 1492, etc.) Jacobins opposed atheism and the Church, the club was political, and (and although you might have stopped reading at this point) not only were they not burning people in late 18th century France (the guillotine, French Revolution, remember?) But the inquisition was more or less strictly confined to Spain and was hundreds of years before the Revolution. Honestly guys, one thing atheism does have on its side is history, we need to be able to point to the inquisition and the crusades as perfect examples of dogma gone right and show that Nazism and Communism were in fact not as secular as fundamentalists love to claim. Please Please Please do a little research and give us all a good name.

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