The Mickey incident, Part 2

Some of you may recall a story I featured a few weeks ago about a children’s television show starring a high pitched voiced Mickey Mouse rip-off, who encouraged children to fight Israel. Amid international pressure, the producers finally decided to drop the character, but not before adding their own little psychotic twist by martyring him.

We’re all aware that there are organized indoctrination campaigns all across the Middle East designed to create generations of suicide bombers. To succeed, they rely on two important tactics in their efforts to turn human beings into walking bombs: (1) they target the weak, young, vulnerable, and uneducated to do their bidding, and (2) they rely on the mechanism of blind faith as a tool for mindless obedience. What better targets than children, since they have all the necessary requirement?

Violent rhetoric doesn’t rely on subtlety to be effective. In the case of Farfour, the creepy mascot of religious intolerance, his final skit involved an Israeli soldier beating him to death while attempting to usurp him from his land. His teenage co-host, a young woman whose soft smiling face belied a cold and calculating grin, explained how Farfour’s demise was the result of his defending Palestine, a clear message that a peaceful compromise in Israel was not on the mouse’s mind.

Luckily, not everyone in Palestine was content with the show’s violent and malicious message. Many segments of the population are peaceful individuals, desperate for a compromise that would allow them to live in harmony and peace with their neighbors. It’s difficult to imagine, however, how such a thing is possible when characters like Farfour are given access to young and impressionable minds. The future of both Palestine and Israel will forever be compromised so long as zealots are allowed to incense children to violence and murder. I can only hope that unlike his North American counterpart, he will fade into obscurity, a forgotten memory of a desperate and turbulent time.

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    Your comments about indoctrinating children reminded me of what Eric Hoffer claims as traits of the “true believer”. And what it takes to– are you prepared for a fancy word– “inculcate” through frequent repetition. The unifying agents, according to Hoffer, are
    hatred, imitation, persuasion and coersion, leadership, and suspicion.

    What better medium than a cartoon television program with a Mickey Mouse rip-off to send out a message of hate to children? It’s the flip side of our old Mickey Mouse Club in the U.S….all about friendship and being nice. I remember when my children were preschool age and they’d sit in front of the tv and have blank faces, staring at the cartoons and soaking it in like little zombees, It was disturbing yet comical at the same time…I actually taped it once…my son’s face while he watched Power Rangers. I would repeat my son’s name over and over and try to pry his attention away from the tv. They get “captured”, so to speak…and my job as a parent was to release him by teaching him to be a more critical viewer as he grew up.

    I see that as a universal goal actually…to make sure people don’t just soak up what is being shown on tv or heard on the radio or read in the newpaper…to ask questions and seek answers. To be immune to propaganda and to show it for what it is….a means to control. That is why the free press is so important …and forums like this.

    Let’s just say I did my best to limit t.v. viewing in the early stages of my kids’ lives. Now they’re adolescents. Moderation is the key. But I certainly struggle with all the time spent in front of tv and computers and ipods and hand held games….I just want them to GO OUTSIDE once in awhile..ha. They’re so pale…..

    When I think about religious fanaticism, it always strikes me that repetition, over and over, during the training stages creates mindless drones. People that act before they think. A perfect army. And that is how we must counter religious zealots….to have them learn to think first! Education is the key. Ignorance is the worst sort of poverty. And who wants that for their children??

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    I’m glad people are standing up to them. I couldn’t believe that people would agree with this. Though peace is far off in the future of the Middle East, and brain washing children won’t help.

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