The Good Atheist 001

Can a jar of peanut butter disprove evolution? Some very strange Christians seem to think so. In this week’s podcast, we talk about the strange video that’s been circulating for a few weeks, as well as respond to all the comments my article, Is atheism a religion? generated. And finally, let’s not forget the ‘sensitive’ subject of circumcision!

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    I like the idea of organized atheism. I havn’t read the full article “Is Atheism a Religion” but it sounds like you have a valid point. I know I’ve always been pretty jealous of organized religious groups especially as a kid. They always were going to Mexico and building homes, or going to disneyland or boat trips and other things. I wish there were atheist groups that did these same things. Anyway, thanks for bringing up the subject. Also… i once found a goldfish in my peanut butter.

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    Hi, I just listened to this podcast starting with this episode– I’m definitely going to have to get a few more. A question: which scientific paper do they cite early in the episode, in which they discuss the scientist who attempted to simulate primordial conditions and found macromolecules forming? I’d love to read it 🙂

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    Matt Hammond

    I just opened a jar of peanut butter and a unicorn jumped out….I was going to call the creationists and tell them when I noticed that the label on the jar said “Warning, this product contains Unicorns”

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    Hm, this one still doesn’t seem to be working. Neither does your Episode Zero.

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