Mentally deranged man lunges at Popemobile

I always thought any man who wears a pink T-shirt must undoubtedly be a little crazy. This belief was confirmed as I read a story concerning a 24 year old man, dressed in the flashy color, who attempted to lunge at the Popemobile. He managed to hang on for several seconds before being wrestled to the ground. Police say the man was mentally disturbed, and rather than trying to hurt Pope Benedict XVI, he merely wanted to draw attention to himself.

Well, duh! He was wearing a pink T-shirt for god’s sake; what other proof do you need? Equally surprising about this story was that the man was able to get so close to the Pope, especially considering security has tightened significantly since the attack of 9/11. Usually, the Pope travels in a vehicle with bullet proof glass, a measure taken after the attempted assassination of John Paul II in 1981. I suppose Vatican officials don’t have enough confidence in the divine to expect God to provide his own form of security to his earthly avatar. Their message: have faith, but for God’s sake, not too much!

On another comedic note, before his death, Pope John Paul II had asked the media not to refer to his vehicle as the ‘Popemobile’, which he felt was a rather derogatory term. Apparently, riding around in a see-through glass dome, looking not unlike a life-size snow glob, is cool, but its nomenclature isn’t. God and Popes are decidedly forbidden to possess a sense of humor.

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    Funny…Pope as earthly avatar. Liked that one.

    How about a list of ways to swear without using god..although I like “for chrissake” (written the way George Carlin) spells it. Personally I will begin replacing “Sweet Jesus!!” with “Sweet Genius!!, in my daily list of profanity. Swear words for atheists….for goodness sake.

    I’ve been reading “When Will Jesus Bring the Porkchops” and parts of it are hilarious. Others, just plain disturbing…ha. He has several chapters devoted to euphemistic language. And what he calls “Politician Talk”. Always clever.

    Here’s a quote from George you’ll probably get a kick out of :
    “I was reading a fitness magazine that had an article about cross-training, and realized this would have been a good idea for Jesus”.

    As Carlin puts it, enjoy a pleasant diurnal experience!


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    Kurtis Thorne

    I’m personally amazed that the church hasn’t started placing blame on irrelevant people opposed to the individual responsible. Then again, maybe that is just me getting used to the usual way things are portrayed.

    Another great article =]

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