Litigious gay activists try to sue eHarmony

As a Libertarian, it is my belief that government should be only minimally involved concerning public affairs. This belief also applies in regards to an article featured a few days ago on that reported on a suit brought against eHarmony for allegedly discriminating against homosexuals. Linda Carlson, a lesbian from San Francisco, says she was unable to create a gay profile on the popular site, and when she emailed the company to complain, they refused to change their policy.

Lawyers have now asked other gay and lesbians to hop on the suing bandwagon, encouraging them to exercise their legal muscles to force eHarmony into accepting homosexuals in their online dating service.

Without going into a diatribe, I am outraged such action has been taken against a private company. For starters, they are not a public body, and as such, should be allowed to service whomever members of the community they seek. If eHarmony does not wish to offer its services to gays or lesbians, then the loss of revenue is their punishment. Never mind the fact that many other sites offer this service (many online dating sites cater EXCLUSIVELY to gays or lesbians, without much fuss from the heterosexual community); should they be sued for their poor business decisions?

Even eHarmony’s fatuous claim that their psychological profiles are tailored for heterosexuals only is inconsequential; they should not be forced to cater to a demographic they do not seek. We live in a free market, and as such, certain companies are allowed to limit the clientele they choose to service. There is always someone willing to fill in the gap left by such blind-sightedness, and do it far better. Companies like Target and Wal-Mart realized this long ago; the profit they enjoy resulted in servicing a demographic that was considered at the time too poor to bother with. Although I have nothing against groups going public to expose such ignorance on the part of corporations, the fact remains that involving the government in forcing the site to behave in a politically correct manner takes away our opportunity to encourage other fledgling, and more open-minded companies to usurp their market.

Why are we so afraid of small minded organizations? Why do we feel the need to punish those who have such a narrow view of both business and people in general? If we truly consider ourselves enlightened, and anti-discriminatory, we cannot allow every bigoted institution to force our legal muscle into crushing them. We should allow the principles of the Enlightenment to carry their own special weight, rather than force others to convert to these ideals. Let us not forget it is the tactics of totalitarians to force others to behave as they do. Do we want that comparison made on us?

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