Gore’s scathing new book targets Bush

It seems almost ironic that Al Gore’s power and influence has only grown since leaving office. His provocative documentary An Inconvenient Truth, which won an Oscar, helped bring him international recognition and attention. Now, not content to simply live off his laurels, Gore has written a new book entitled The Assault on Reason, a tirade on the Bush administration.

According to ABCNEWS.com, the book openly attacks President Bush and Cheney for going to War in Iraq, for their Orwellian new measures (like the Patriot Act), and their treatment of prisoners (which violates the Geneva Convention). Although he does not call for an impeachment, he apparently provides enough fodder that it isn’t difficult to read between the lines.

The book is now on my reading list, since like any Libertarian, I deeply oppose the Bush Administration’s assault on the principles of American democracy. I was also a big fan of Gore’s movie, which helped me see how urgent the issue of Global Warming is. If his new book is half as good, it should be an entertaining read.

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