Forced conversion fears in Pakistan

A recent article on BBCNEWS reports a tiny Christian minority in Pakistan is facing dire threats to convert to Islam or face annihilation. The group has asked the government to provide protection, though it feels not enough is being done to keep them safe. I just feel the need to ask: just what exactly is the point of converting these people? Evidently you cannot force someone to believe what you do, particularly with the use of force. It always surprises me how fundamentalists believe that their religion will eventually reign supreme, but somehow are too insecure to allow others to practice their own traditions. Surely, if God is on their side, all of this posturing is unnecessary.

I deplore violence, particularly on tiny defenseless minorities. Although I do not believe what they do, I would certainly never consider the use of force to try and make them share the same cosmological beliefs. My sad prediction is that the government will choose to turn the other cheek and allow tragedy to befall this poor group. I can only hope those in power see reason and recognize why such a minority needs the protection they so desperately seek.

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