A farewell to Falwell

Big news today in the world of politics and religion; a certain televangelist, Jerry Falwell, collapsed and died yesterday afternoon, presumably from cardiac arrest. Now, with a man like Falwell, there’s quite a bit to say, most of which is unflattering. For most of you unfamiliar with him, this is the same man who declared AIDS was a punishment from God for the immorality of homosexuality, pagans, the ACLU, lesbians, gays, abortionists, and even feminists who helped make 9/11 possible. And here I thought it was Muslim fundamentalists! What a revelation!

For a man who had already suffered 2 serious heart attacks, a 3rd seemed fairly inevitable. I have to wonder if he ever made an association between his God’s attempt to kill him, and any inappropriate behavior on his part; it would seem a viral infection leading to cardiac arrhythmia is a rather personal attack (like a living ICBM straight to the heart). No, I have no doubt he saw himself as doing God’s work by accusing individuals of living an immoral and decayed lifestyle.

I am not in any way taking pleasure from his death; on the contrary, I believe everyone has the right to exist, regardless of his/her beliefs, and death should not be easily welcomed. Still, I wonder if old Jerry would have felt the same about an old atheist like me!

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