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I had a random thought this morning, one I thought I might share with you concerning an article I read about NASA’s discovery of widespread evidence of Antarctic melting. It’s no mystery many global warming deniers are conservative religious folks in the so-called heartland. I have no doubt a significant portion of these individuals also contend the earth is not billions of years old, but rather a paltry six thousand (or, roughly speaking, at about the same time the Sumerians invented glue). Since they reject the notion of fossils, I have to wonder why they haven’t seriously objected to the use of the term fossil fuels when referring to oil. With all the headlines saying ‘Fossil Fuels Increasingly blamed for Global Warming’, it must make their blood boil a little. I mean, if the alternative name for oil was ‘God’s gooey black gift’, I know I’d be peeved every time it would appear in an article somewhere.

Perhaps a few of them believe fossil fuels are just another test of faith, as is the vast amount of scientific data pointing to global warming. Considering this is the same contingent of folks who look forward to the End of Days hoping it will usher in the resurrection of their Messiah, perhaps there are some who look forward to a dead and lifeless earth. Either prospect is not very encouraging.

Of course, I don’t want to disparage religious folks and accuse them all of being insensitive to the concerns of nature. There are religious movements that take great care to include a stewardship of nature. These groups obviously recognize the problem is man-made, and as such requires both our acknowledgement and action. But in any human endeavor, I have little trust in organizations marred with illogical and supernatural explanations of natural phenomenon to spearhead movements that require a sophisticated scientific understanding.

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    Hey Buddy the site looks good! One thought about your last statement: Much Human behaviour is either illogical or more broadly not based in strict logical thinking (e.g. intuitive or imaginative approaches to ethical questions), and many religions are not based primarily on metaphysical ideologies so I wouldn’t look a gift horse in the mouth if religious groups want to support Green consciousness. BTW I really like the Creation of Adam Pic on the homepage

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    @ kevin

    mutations aren’t all bad. however they can’t create new info in the DNA, here is why. you can get “New DNA” by combining creatures who have different losses of info on their DNA, making a specialized creature. not a new one. what i want is proof that a germ somehow became a jellyfish. adding millions of years won’t create a totally different creature, its just a branch off the main organism. e.g.: wolf+mutation= Chihuahua.

    conclusion: its still a dog.


    soooo…whats islam then…or any other religion…they don’t seem to be dying…in fact, if Christianity is dying, why are so many people turning to it. despite going to evolution saturated schools. Go look at China and the middle east. Christians are abounding there.

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