Irony, thy name is religion

A slightly ironic story appeared on NBC’s website today concerning an Alcoholics Anonymous group being banned from holding meetings in a Presbyterian church in Rockville, Maryland for sexual misconduct. Church officials complained the group was operating like a cult. Now, I’m no fan of AA. In fact, I’m very much against the organization; Alcoholics Anonymous is indeed a religious cult, forcing members to declare themselves powerless over addiction and to submit to a higher power as a cure for their disease. Although there are many people who credit this organization with saving their lives, it remains that they operate under false assumptions on how to treat addiction; specifically in their belief alcoholism is a spiritual disease. They also condemn the use of drugs to help in the treatment of addiction.

It does seem strange when a religion accuses another organization of being a cult. I suppose their unique perspective allows them to easily spot the hallmarks of fanaticism. Still, it seems like a case of kettle vs. pot. In any case, the particular group, called Midtown, is strange enough to have other local AA groups describe them as fringe, which is itself another delicious bit of irony.


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    I don’t know if I got this from you or another atheist podcast, but only something like 5% of alcoholics from AA actually give up the alcohal… roughly the same percentage as those who give it up on their own, without cults.

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