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It’s funny how kids sometimes have a way of showing us just how foolish we can be. In 1996, Emily Rosa of Loveland, Colorado, was a regular 9 year old girl looking for an experiment to conduct for a science fair. While watching TV, she saw a report of the practice of therapeutic touch, a technique where nurses ‘manipulate’ the supposed energy fields (often called auras) of patients to treat various ailments. She asked her mother, a registered nurse, whether it was true people could detect the fields in other human beings. Her mother, being a skeptic, said she doubted it. That was when Emily decided to find out.

Her test was simple: she found 21 TT practitioners, and placed their hands behind a cardboard screen. There, she flipped a coin to determine which hand she would place hers over, and asked the subject to tell her which hand it was. Of the 280 tests, the subjects scored no better than chance (they were actually below the expected 50%).

Her findings were later published in The Journal of the American Medical Association when she was still just 11 years old, becoming the youngest person to be published in a peer reviewed medical journal. Her simple curiosity as to the effectiveness of the treatment clearly demonstrated Therapeutic Touch is nothing more than a silly adult fantasy. And here I thought we were the ones to tell them what is real or not. She sure showed us!

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